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Company Profile
Adhar Enterprise, established in the year 1992, is a reputed manufacturer, exporter and supplier dealing in a wide range of high performance Polymers like Polyamide Polymer, PTFE, UHMWPE, Polyacetal (Delrin), Nylon (Extruded & Cast) P.P. HDPE, etc. Apart from the standard list of Glass Filled P.T.F.E, Bronze Filled P.T.F.E, Carbon Filled P.T.F.E, MOS2 filled POLYAMIDE, Polyacetal - Delrin, Polypropylene, etc., we also cater to specific requirements of industries like Seal, Steel, Pipe, Pharma, Printing/Packing with an additional range which includes PTFE " O " Rings, PTFE Seat Packing, PTFE " Y " Packing, Basic Profiles In Nylon / PTFE / UHMWPE / Delrin, Rollers In Nylocast For Ampoules Inspection Machines, Star Wheels, Nozzles in Nylon / UHMWPE, Pulp Distributor In Nylon / UHMWPE, 6" Ultra Clone Cleaner in Poyamide, Spiral scoop in PTFE / Nylon, Insulation Bush in PTFE / UHMWPE, Liners In Nylon / UHMWPE, Split Clamp Rings In P.P. / UHMWPE, PTFE Seals, etc.
Business Type Manufacturer, Supplier and Exporter
Primary Competitive Advantages
  • Superb Business ethics
  • Sophisticated manufacturing set up
  • Stringent quality checks
  • Customized products
  • Well developed warehouse.

Year of Establishment 1992
OEM Service Provided Yes
Product Range
  • PTFE
    • Glass Filled P.T.F.E
    • Bronze Filled P.T.F.E
    • Carbon Filled P.T.F.E
  • POLYAMIDE - 6 / PA-6 grade
    • MOS2 filled POLYAMIDE
    • Polyamide Polymer
    • Polyacetal - Delrin
    • HMHDPE
    • HDPE
  • Extruded Nylon in Cont. Length
    • Polypropylene

Products & Components We Offer To Different Industries

For Seal Industry

  • High Pressure bellows
  • Spring Holder In Glass Filled PTFE
  • Inserts In Glass Filled PTFE
  • PTFE Wedge Rings
  • PTFE " U " Packing
  • PTFE " O " rings
  • PTFE Seat Packing
  • PTFE " Y " Packings.
For Steel Industry
  • Nylon Pads
  • UHMWPE Pads
  • Nylon Rollers
  • Pads For Coil car Entry / Exit.
  • Side Packing in Bronze Filled PTFE
  • Insulation Plate in PTFE / UHMWPE
  • Insulation Bush in PTFE / UHMWPE
  • Liners In Nylon / UHMWPE
  • Split Clamp Rings In P.P. / UHMWPE
  • PTFE Seals.
For Pipe Mills
  • Protection Plate In Polyamide / PA-6 grades.
  • Protection Plates In UHMWPE / HDPE
  • Clamp Blocks.
  • Basic Profiles as per Diff. sizes
For Pharma Industry
  • Basic Profiles In Nylon / PTFE / UHMWPE / Delrin.
  • Rollers In Nylocast For Ampoules Inspection Machines
  • Star Wheels
For Extrusion Machine manufacturers
  • Basic Profiles In Nylon / PTFE / UHMWPE / Delrin.
  • Components Like PTFE Wipers, PTFE / Nylon Rollers etc.
For News Paper Printing Press
  • Rollers In Different sizes in Diff. polymers.
  • Rollers for Conveyors for news papers.
For News-print Paper Mills
  • Spares For Centric leaner cones in Nylon / UHMWPE.
  • Nozzles in Nylon / UHMWPE
  • Pulp Distributor In Nylon / UHMWPE
  • 6" Ultra clone cleaner in poyamide
  • Spiral scoop in PTFE / Nylon
For Rubber Hose Manufacturers (Suraksha)
  • Nylon Mandrel up to dia. 25 mm in Cont. Length up to 100 mtr.
For Printing & Packaging machinery Manufacturers
  • Nylon gears In Diff. Modules for silent gear Boxes
  • Nylon Rollers
  • Protection Plates
  • Nylon Bushes